Kimchi Tastes Different Across the DMZ 

“There are several key differences between kimchi made in North Korea and kimchi made in South Korea, according to Lacademie,  which says that the northern variety is lighter in color and less spicy, but it is also tangier in taste. The differences, Lacademie states can be attributed to the conditions that are present in North […]

North Korean Special Forces & the DMZ: The National Interest

“(T)he Reconnaissance Bureau maintains four separate reconnaissance battalions. Highly trained and organized, these five-hundred-man battalions are trained to lead an army corps through the hazardous DMZ. They likely have intimate—and highly classified—knowledge of both friendly and enemy defenses in the demilitarized zone.” North Korean SOF includes platoons of female operators, according to this report. Source: […]

RoK Response to DMZ Crosser Revealed as Boondoogle 

“According to the interim results of the 22nd Infantry Division’s investigation into the border crossing, which the Joint Chiefs of Staff released on Wednesday, security cameras at a general outpost under the control of the division recorded five separate scenes of the man scrambling over the barbed wire fence, but soldiers monitoring the cameras failed […]