DMZ 1968 (video)

This Year in the DMZ War

Important incidents in the DMZ or affecting it. Send us your stories to add (below). Summaries from the Congressional Research Service. Additional research from the DMZ War.


11/27/1968 “Summary: Five North Korean infiltrators were killed by ROK soldiers. Their bodies were brought to ROK SF CP. Relatives of the seven member South Korean family that had been slain by the infiltrators viewed the bodies. They identified clothing on the bodies as those that belonged to their murdered family. VS, Korean officers look at map in field. ROK speaks over radio; other Korean soldiers stand about. They are waiting for helicopter pickup. RV, American pilot at controls of airborne UH- 1D copter. American soldiers fuel UH-1D from tank truck. UH-1D takes off. VS, dead North Korean Army infiltrators. South Korean soldiers tag the North Korean bodies. Relative of slain family identifies clothing worn by dead North Korean. He waves sweater to crowd of villagers. Another relative jumps from crowd and tries to eat dead North Koreans heart out of his body. He is quickly pulled away by ROK soldier. CU, teeth marks on body. Villagers looking at bodies. UH-1Ds land in rice paddy. ROK soldiers get off. Children watch. ROK soldiers load bodies into truck. UH-1Ds land. ROK soldiers climb aboard and the copters take off. UH-1Ds land. ROK soldiers get off and walk to CP.”


Distraught Villager Restrained Trying to Eat Heart from Dead NK Soldier Seven Members of this Man’s Family Killed by NK Team

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