DMZ 1950s

This Year in the DMZ War

Important incidents in the DMZ or affecting it. Send us your stories to add (below). Summaries from the Congressional Research Service. Additional research from the DMZ War.

DMZ: 1950s (mid-to-late 50s):

This half-hour Army documentary provides a view of US soldiers in the Republic of Korea that should engage both DMZ veterans and people with an interest in Korean history. The film follows US Army NCO Clint Walker’s tour in Korea with the 1st Cavalry Division. There is information on the dangers of the DMZ (later to erupt in the DMZ Conflict or DMZ War of the late 1960s) and the need for readiness (check out the drill, “You will never know when it’s the real thing.”) It also touches upon problems that are still with US forces in Korea decades later:

“undesirable elements” around US bases and a reckless American driver whose jeep accident upsets local Koreans, “One careless act can louse up the whole operation!” But the real focus is on Walker’s relationship with his Korean (KATUSA) comrade, “Kim.” With Kim’s help, the American is exposed to Korean music and dance, food and family life (including the claim that most Korean families don’t allow their daughters to meet US soldiers.) There is fascinating footage of post-war poverty in Korea, a classroom with 80 students and the beginning of the “Miracle on the Han” growth of the South Korean economy.

Distraught Villager Restrained Trying to Eat Heart from Dead NK Soldier Seven Members of this Man’s Family Killed by NK Team

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