A Very DMZ Christmas

Check out the “Army Santa” at 16:13 in this video “Korea Today,” from late 1959 or the early ’60s. It shows DMZ patrols, JOT teams, OP Mazie, various scenes of GI’s in South Korea, the accelerating pace of South Korean economic development — and Santa visiting what appears to be the ‘Kyong Buck Charity Sanatorium.” [Please let us know if you have any info on that facility and the soldiers visiting in the film.]
Many U.S. soldiers in Korea responded to the loneliness of holidays away from home, and the general tour-long separation from family and friends, by contributing time and money to Korean orphans and other children who needed help. Untold numbers of Korean children benefited from the kindness of US servicemembers over the years.
Bob Hope Christmas with the 2nd ID: Korea, 197

Presents for DMZ Vets:

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