Aussies Help Search DMZ for Missing Korean War Servicemen

RoK personnel will be in the lead. US troops will not be on the ground for the mission, but did help with planning. “The recovery project is a collaboration between the U.N. Command and the Ministry of National Defense, according to a U.N. news release Thursday.

The Cheorwon region, 57 miles northeast of Seoul, is the site of battlefields at White Horse Hill, or Baekma, and Arrowhead Hill, where tens of thousands died.

Soldiers of South Korea, multinational U.N. forces, the Korean People’s Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army all fought in the area, the statement said.

Following the armistice in 1953, Cheorwon, crossed by the DMZ, was divided between the two Koreas.”

Source: Stars and Stripes – Search for Korean War missing picks up again in the DMZ

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