Crank Up the DMZ Loudspeakers, Experts Urge 

(Some readers may recall being blasted by North Korean loudspeakers while in or near the ‘Z.) “In the past, when South Korea blasted K-pop songs and propaganda messages through loudspeakers across the inter-Korean border of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in August 2015, Kim ordered its military to go on a’semi-war state’ and fired several rockets […]

Aussies Help with Recovery of POW/MIA Remains in the ‘Z 

“‘We primarily make sure everyone operating within the demilitarised zone, operates safely, in a manner where they can go home afterwards,’ (Australian airman Ben) Whitfield explained. ‘There are rules you have to follow. These rules cover everything from wearing the proper identification, to the way you can operate. [The armistice] also limits what types of […]

Vice President Harris Visits the DMZ 

“At the DMZ, Harris went to the top of a ridge, near guard towers and security cameras. She looked through bulky binoculars as a South Korean officer pointed out military installations on the southern side. Then an American officer pointed out some of the defenses along the military demarcation line, including barbed-wire fences and claymore […]