Crank Up the DMZ Loudspeakers, Experts Urge 

(Some readers may recall being blasted by North Korean loudspeakers while in or near the ‘Z.)

“In the past, when South Korea blasted K-pop songs and propaganda messages through loudspeakers across the inter-Korean border of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in August 2015, Kim ordered its military to go on a’semi-war state’ and fired several rockets and artillery shots.”

South Korea shut down the loudspeakers in 2018, but some experts say it’s time to turn them back on.

“Sung-yoon Lee, an assistant professor of Korean studies at Tufts University, said, ‘South Korea should resume loudspeaker broadcasts into the North’ and ‘drape over the speakers an oversized picture of Kim Jong Un, and the North Korean soldiers will not dare shoot.’”

Source: Experts: Information Campaign Key to Pressuring North Korea