Sound of Silence — NORKS Complain About Phantom DMZ Broadcasts

Some readers may recall past days in the ‘Z featuring the equivalent of “music fights” between loudspeakers North and South of the border. However, in this case the ROK says it doesn’t have any of the old massive loudspeakers left in the DMZ.

“’During the Moon Jae-in administration on May 4, 2018, a total of 51 loudspeakers were dismantled, and there are currently none in the Demilitarized Zone [DMZ],’ the South Korean military said Tuesday.

‘On Oct. 18, a helicopter entered the Civilian Control Line to transport an emergency patient, and at that time we used broadcasting equipment installed at front-line guard posts,’ it added.

Experts say that North Korea has exaggerated or distorted the South’s actions in the past as an excuse for provocations. Yet they say it’s unusual for the North to make up something that has never happened.”

DMZ War note: These experts are generally right about recent behavior by Pyongyang, but one shouldn’t forget the North’s previous false claims about everything from biological warfare to imaginary border violations.

Source: North fulminates over broadcasts that aren’t happening