Defectors Launch Balloons With Propaganda Leaflets Toward the North 

DMZ vets may recall the North Korean propaganda leaflets often found in the ‘Z. Back then the US and RoK sent their own leaflets to the North, but in recent years the RoK government has not only stopped much of its own propaganda efforts but madeit illegal for defectors from North Korea to do it on their own.

“Through a revision of the Development of Inter-Korean Relations Act last year, the South Korean government has been banning the sending of propaganda leaflets across the border, with people violating the law subject to up to three years in prison or a maximum fine of 30 million won ($23,700).

Park Sang-hak, the head of the defectors’ group, is standing trial on charges of launching balloons full of anti-North Korea leaflets and $1 bills to North Korea across the Demilitarized Zone in Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces on two occasions in April last year.”

Source: Defectors’ group sends balloons carrying propaganda leaflets to North Korea